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When you have a concrete patio, walkway, or driveway installed, it should be sealed and waterproofed after approximately one month. Over its lifespan, the concrete surface should be treated in this manner periodically; waterproofing protects concrete surfaces from moisture, but it also allows moisture that is trapped to escape.

Sealing and waterproofing concrete surfaces prevent the development of mold and mildew, and it increases the concrete’s durability by protecting against corrosion and damage that result from freezing and thawing. But this process isn’t something you want to tackle on your own—you need to contact a professional concrete sealing company.

Tampa Concrete Contractors provide residential and commercial property owners in Tampa and surrounding areas with custom concrete waterproofing and sealing services to enhance the material’s functionality, appearance, and durability. Keep reading to learn how our services can benefit you.

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There are two types of concrete sealers: film-forming and penetrating. The former protects your concrete surface with a layer of either epoxy, acrylic, or urethane. Applying this sealer type typically results in a high-gloss finish, and it doesn’t last as long as penetrating sealers. A penetrating sealer permeates the surface to form a chemical barrier that can last a lifetime. Unlike film-forming sealers, penetrating sealers don’t change the appearance of the concrete surface.

When installing a new concrete surface, we typically wait approximately one month for the concrete to cure before applying a sealer. If you seal the surface immediately, it will not adequately protect the concrete. If necessary, we also remove any previous seal coats, as the new sealant may not adhere properly to the pre-treated surface.

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When applying waterproofing to concrete surfaces, we follow a specific process to ensure optimal and long-term results. First, we clean and prepare the concrete surface. After the preparation stage, there will be no debris or dust left on the surface, and it will feel like medium-grit sandpaper.

After preparing and cleaning the concrete, we proceed by applying the waterproofing. Depending on the porosity of the concrete, you can expect one gallon of waterproofing to cover approximately 250 square feet.

Upon completion of the waterproofing stage, you have to wait for the surface to dry before using it. Usually, we recommend a waiting period of three days before walking on the surface, and fourteen days before driving on it.

If a concrete surface has to accommodate a lot of traffic, you have to seal and waterproof it on an annual basis; you will know if your waterproofing is still functional if water beads up on the surface.

How long you have to wait between waterproofing and sealing services depends on the film-forming layer you use. Epoxy and polyurethane can last up to five years, while acrylic coatings typically last around one year.

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