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Indoor & Outdoor Concrete Stairs

Concrete stairs are widely regarded to be the safest, most durable option for outdoor and indoor staircases.

Stairs have to meet several building safety regulations and codes, and you need the construction services of a licensed and bonded contractor like Tampa Concrete Contractors to meet these requirements. We provide property owners in and around Tampa with a wide range of stair installation, repair, and maintenance services.

If you are in the process of building a new house, installing a new concrete pool deck, or if you want to restore the condition of your existing concrete stairs, keep reading to learn how our services can benefit you.

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Interior Concrete Stairs

Why Choose Concrete Stairs?

There are many different material options available for stair construction, including wood, metal, brick, and even glass. Concrete is one of the superior choices for the construction of stairs, primarily because of their durability.

Concrete stairs can withstand heavy loads and severe weather conditions, and they are not susceptible to rot and decay. Even in the case of fire, concrete stairs will not lose their structural integrity, and they cannot burn, like wooden stairs.

Noise is another consideration when selecting stair construction materials; steel and wooden stairs tend to make noise when someone climbs them. Concrete stairs, on the other hand, don’t transmit movement vibrations and therefore are quieter.

Concrete is a suitable construction material for stairs in any setting and design style. This material also has minimal maintenance requirements, and its lifecycle costs are relatively low.

To optimize these benefits, however, you need the installation and repair services of a reputable company with an excellent track record. Tampa Concrete Contractors is standing by to provide you with answers to all of your concrete stairs-related questions.

Decorative Concrete Stairs

When thinking about concrete stairs, many people may get the image of grey, drab stairs that you typically find in hospitals, schools, or factories. However, if you use Tampa Concrete Contractors’ services, we can provide you with a wide range of designs, colors, and textures.

We use several methods to enhance the aesthetic appeal of concrete stairs, including stamped and stained concrete. With these techniques and materials, your stairs can resemble the authentic patterns of wood, slate, or stone. You can also change your stairs’ color with acid- or water-based staining to match the tone of other features around your property.

Additionally, we can cover your concrete stairs with other materials like tile or wood, so you can optimize curb appeal without having to forgo the benefits that concrete has to offer.

Concrete Stair Installation
Stained Concrete Stairs

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