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Concrete is widely used in the construction of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The popularity of concrete is mainly due to its versatility, durability, and affordability. Concrete also has low maintenance requirements, which brings down costs over the long-term.

Despite the advantages of concrete as a construction material, however, it is still susceptible to deterioration, especially when the component in question starts reaching the end of its lifespan. When a concrete element or surface is worn down, it can reduce its functionality and appearance. That’s when you need to call a reliable concrete repair company.

One of the benefits of concrete is that a quick and affordable repair service is often enough to restore the surface to its former glory. Tampa Concrete Contractors provides property owners in Tampa, Florida & surrounding areas with professional and comprehensive concrete repair and maintenance services.

If you have concrete components that need restoration, keep reading to learn how we can help.

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Concrete Deterioration Causes

Several things can result in concrete defects and deterioration. Aging is one of the most common issues; concrete has a limited lifespan, and, over time, it will start losing its structural integrity and deteriorate. Exposure to temperature fluctuations, UV rays, moisture, and constant heavy traffic can also cause cracks. Improper installation and ground settling can also cause concrete to crack.

In addition to cracking, concrete can also blister, delaminate, curl, or scale. Other causes of damage that we encounter regularly include unexpected overloading, floods, natural disasters, abrasion of granular materials, and construction defects.

Concrete Repair Tampa

At Tampa Concrete Contractors, we use several methods to repair decorative and structural concrete, depending on the damage and how it occurred. Before recommending a suitable course of action, we first have to assess the current state of the concrete in question.

For example, if cracking is the result of drying shrinkage, the chances are good that the cracks will stabilize over time. On the other hand, if persistent foundation settling causes the cracks, we have to address the settlement before repairing the cracks.

For narrow cracks of around 0.002 inches, epoxy injection is often the most effective course of action. If a structural repair is not necessary, we may also consider routing and sealing the cracks.

If we have to re-establish tensile strength across large cracks, a stitching procedure may be necessary. Stitching involves drilling holes on both sides of the crack and using the holes to anchor specialized staples across the fissure.

Other concrete repair methods we use regularly include gravity filling, grouting, and concrete overlays.

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Decorative concrete features can enhance your outdoor living spaces significantly. However, if you haven't taken the correct concrete sealing and waterproofing precautions, you may experience some serious determinations. If your concrete is in a poor state, you need custom repair services from a high-end, professional contractor.

Tampa Concrete Contractors’ expert team of concrete builders can help. To receive a free estimate, complete our online form, or contact us directly via email or telephone to schedule an assessment and initial consultation. And feel free to stop by our Tampa office for a free quote—we’d love to chat with you!