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When it comes to flooring in and around your home, you want a surface that is visually appealing, affordable, and easy to clean. The good news is that the ideal floor is most likely already underneath your old carpet or the tiles that you want to replace.

At first, concrete may not seem like a viable or attractive flooring alternative. However, by calling a concrete overlay contractor, you can transform the appearance and texture of a concrete slab entirely. Concrete overlay is the process of adding a thin cement-based layer that contains special bonding agents over an existing concrete surface.

Tampa Concrete Contractors provide property owners with comprehensive concrete overlay services. Contact us today to receive a free quote—and if you want to learn more about concrete overlaying, keep reading.

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Decorative Concrete Overlay

Affordable Concrete Alternatives

If you have a cracked or deteriorating concrete surface, your first instinct may be to remove and replace the entire slab. But there are many solutions to restore the appearance and functionality of such a surface, with a concrete overlay being one of the most effective.

Applying overlay coatings to an existing concrete floor requires less time and materials than installing conventional flooring. Consequently, it is a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to installing tiles or other flooring types.

We install concrete overlays with a penetrating sealer that makes the surface more resistant to abrasion; the result is a floor with a long lifespan that requires minimal maintenance. Since you don’t have to replace the floor as often as tile or laminated flooring, a concrete overlay is ideal if you want to save money in the long-term.

Appearance of Concrete Overlays

There is a seemingly endless variety of finishes you can achieve with a decorative concrete overlay. Overlay textures range from ultra-smooth and glossy to heavily textured. A concrete layer can also be stamped and colored to resemble the appearance of natural materials like slate, wood, or stone.

Because you have complete control over a surface’s appearance with an overlay, you can match your floor’s design to that of the rest of your home.

An overlay will also cover imperfections and blemishes in the concrete, which can make a significant difference to your home’s curb appeal, and make your outdoor living space more attractive. If you have exterior concrete surfaces that are aging, like walkways or a driveway, a simple overlay will restore not only the appearance of these surfaces but also their functionality and safety.

The resurfacing materials our concrete contractors use will improve the flooring’s resilience to future wear and tear, which in turn will improve their longevity. Your indoor and outdoor concrete floors will keep their like-new appearance for much longer with an overlay.

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