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Stained Concrete Service

Generally speaking, concrete surfaces around the house tend to have a dull, industrial appearance. But did you know that a stained concrete contractor can liven up these surfaces so they can contribute to your property’s aesthetic appeal and personality?

Tampa Concrete Contractors provide property owners in the Tampa area with comprehensive stained concrete services, including the installation of stained concrete slabs and staining existing surfaces.

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Concrete Staining Process

There are two types of concrete stain: Acid stains, which provide rich and earthy tones, and water-based stains, which offer a wide range of colors. Acid stain application takes longer than water-based staining, but the concrete preparation time is generally short.

The staining process includes:

- Surface preparation with a mechanical grinder or specially formulated cleaner; this preparation can take up to two days.

- Application of stain; the number of coats depends on the desired color intensity.

- Clean-up; the actual cleaning is with water, and the neutralization process for an acid stain involves ammonia or baking soda

- Application of sealer coat to protect the surface

If you notice that the surface color is starting to fade, polishing the floor will restore its appearance. Stained concrete is a highly versatile flooring material, and you can use it both for indoor and outdoor living, including your patio, walkways, and even your driveway.

Why Consider Concrete Staining?

Concrete surfaces can be cold and uninviting, primarily since they are generally associated with industrial settings. If a concrete surface is professionally stained, however, its appearance can be completely transformed, adding both personality and overall attractiveness to its surrounding environment.

The visual interest of stained concrete can be so appealing that many property owners prefer this instead of conventional flooring like tile or paving. Concrete is also incredibly durable; an average concrete surface has a strength of more than 4,500 pounds per square inch and can withstand a lot of abuse. Acid staining can enhance the strength of a concrete floor and reduce the risk of mold growth, chipping, and discoloration.

Staining an indoor concrete floor increases its heat insulation levels, and as a result, also boosts your home’s energy efficiency. Concrete is generally regarded to be a cold flooring material, but in reality, it has a high thermal mass, which can be enhanced by a layer of stain.

Decorative Stained Concrete
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Stained concrete is also easy to keep clean. You can easily remove dirt and debris from this surface by sweeping it with a broom, and you can clean it with a mop. The stain prevents mold build-up and protects the concrete from scratches.

Stained concrete can transform your home’s appearance and maintenance requirements significantly. With our professional stained concrete services, you can optimize the benefits that this decorative type of flooring has to offer.

Tampa Concrete Contractors can provide you with complete, custom decorative concrete services. We can also install a new concrete surface in and around your home. To learn more about our services or receive a free estimate, contact us today.